Essential Oils

Amy Lohr
Enroller & Sponsor ID (same number):   10774919

Amy is an Independent Distributor of Young Living TM 100% pure organic essential oils, home, body & health care products.  

My favorite oils & most popular:
  • Lavender
  • Purification Blend - great citrus aroma for a clean feel 
  • Frankincense 
  • Thieves Blend - sweet,  spicy aroma - used in the cleaning line
  • Vitality line - Young Living has the only essential oil line of oils that are safe for consumption and use as oral supplements or for cooking
Need Tips on How to use Young Living Essential Oils & Products?
Check out Young Living's TM Blog for about using the oils, including recipes to use the Vitality oils in cooking, and tips for adding essential oils to personal care and bath products (Learn to make your own products!)

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First, Choose Option that Best Fits You:
  1. Become a Member - provides you Wholesale prices for products - 24% discount on all products. You are required to purchase a one-time starter kit. Feel free to explore kit options as the starter kit may already have several of the oils you are looking to use and purchase. Here are some popular kit choices:
    • Premium Kit $160 includes diffuser, 11 full size 5 ml oils (includes the oils I mentioned above as well as others) plus one bonus oil & other business starter essentials (most common choice due to the value). These oils last a long time as well because one or two drops goes a long way! 
    • Basic Kit $45 includes 10 samples of oils plus business starter essentials (could be a good option if you just want the wholesale discount and don't want to invest much yet)
    • Please note, there is no required monthly fee or required purchase orders for becoming a member. If you see yourself purchasing products regularly, or wanting to start out with several oils, you will save money through this option. Or if you would like to work towards distributing the products yourself and making some money doing so, this would be a good option (although this is not required).
    • No additional membership fees.
  2. Retail Customer - requires no obligation from you to purchase a starter kit or any upfront fees. You purchase products at regular retail price, as many or as few as you would like. If you are new to the oils, planning on only making small or one-time purchases, this may be a good option for you.
Second, upon selecting your your option, please ensure that you enter my information as a referral source for you. If my Enroller & Sponsor ID (same number) does not automatically show up, please enter it:   10774919
Please verify that my name, Amy Lohr, shows up and hit Continue.

You can hit continue at this point and still explore the Starter Kits without committing to membership, which I encourage you to do so to make your best choice.

You can always hit the back button and select Retail if you decide to go that route, just ensure again that my ID number is entered.

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Here is how you will proceed online:
  • Following the same instructions as above by clicking on this Link 
  • Select "Become a Member". Ensure my name and ID# is entered in, "Amy Lohr" should pop up.
  • Please select the Starter Kit that fits for you (see above for details).
  • You can choose to enroll in Essential Rewards (optional) which is a monthly auto-ship program where you can have products automatically shipped to your home.  This is a good program, as you get monthly rewards that you can use as money towards products.  Feel free to explore this now or in the future.  Again, it is not mandatory for you to enroll in Essential Rewards to become a member.
  • Proceed to "Add More Products" or hitting "Next" to continue with membership and checking out. 
  • If you have opted out of Essential Rewards, a pop-up will ask you to verify that you wish to continue to enroll without Essential Rewards. Make your selection.
  • Enter your registration and demographic information
  • You are all set!
Retail Customer
Did you opt for Retail? Thank you for giving Essential Oils a try!
  • Just proceed from this Link (same as above) and Click on "Retail" and Continue.
  • Enter your demographic info for registering
  • Proceed with Checkout or Adding Products.

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  • Enter my my Enroller & Sponsor ID (which is the same number):   10774919
  • Verify that my name, Amy Lohr, shows up.  
  • Proceed with checking out and registration (follow steps above)

As always, if you have any questions or problems with ordering or registering, please feel free to contact me at:

Thank you for exploring  Young Living TM products!