Services From Amy

Amy Lohr, LCSW

Services Offered:

- Integrative Psychotherapy -  my term for the integration of my expertise with various traditional counseling methods as well as complementary methods such as Reiki/Energy Psychology, Spiritual Guidance & Counseling, Meditation Instruction, Aromatherapy, or the use of Expressive Arts (Drumming, Drawing, Movement) to support growth, transformation and healing. 

- Couple's & Family Integrative Psychotherapy - Integrating traditional couple's & family counseling techniques with Reiki and energy work - a unique approach to get to root issues impacting relationships, enabling systems to heal and become functional again. 

The above services could integrate any of the following traditional or complentary methods:

· Reiki - a light-touch healing method used for identifying, assessing, and supporting the removal of blocks to your wellbeing; supports you in balancing, grounding, healing, and relaxation.

· Spiritual Counseling - support in spiritual development, feeling more connected to self and others, and exploring and feeling a greater sense of purpose and meaning in your unique pathway in life

· Nature-Based Counseling - using the power of nature and its elements to feel connected to self and others, to feel support and guidance, and to deepen spiritual connection and support growth and healing

· Intuitive Development – assistance in recognizing and developing your intuition – something accessible to everyone and a key tool and skill for daily life.

· Wellness Advocacy – providing suggestions on nutritional changes; essential oil aromatherapy or supplements; yoga poses/postures; exercise; or other holistic wellness needs

· Expressive Healing - incorporating instruments, music, art, movement, writing, speaking into your healing. This may also involve the healing power of drumming as well.

Referrals – making referrals for you to other holistic providers in community to provide added support to your wellness needs (Accupuncture; Naturopath; Equine Therapy, etc)

     Traditional Counseling Methods:

· Mind-body centered – focusing on what is happening in the body as a powerful indictor of distress and dis-ease and a powerful tool for healing

· Gestalt therapy- working on unresolved issues from the past and how those issues emerge in the present in relationships, re-enactments of pain, in the defense mechanisms used to escape pain, etc

· Mindfulness & Meditation – building awareness of self; learning how to greet the self with compassion; using guided meditation for various benefits physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally

· Trauma Processing - healing, resolving and integrating traumatic or painful life experiences; establishing emotional safety/grounding; grieving; & reconnecting to present

· Transactional Analysis – recognizing the ways we get hooked into drama in relationships as well as patterns of drama from our childhood that we continue to reenact.

· Recovery – integrating 12 Steps of Recovery when applicable; exploring any methods you use to numb, detach from, or escape from life’s experiences (including codependency); learning how to be present in your life and to stop running from the Self

· Skills Development– Identifying positive coping skills, healthy boundaries, strategies to soothe and comfort self, effectively regulate emotions, mindfulness, interpersonal skills, establishing safety, etc.

· Bibliotherapy – There are a lot of good books & info out there to help you heal! Suggestions will be made on articles, podcasts, books, or other material to support your healing process

Additional Services Offered by Amy:

Women's Process Group

Meets:  Every Other Tuesday

Time:  3:45 pm to 5:45 pm

Cost:  $60 per 2 hour session (out of pocket, no insurance accepted)

Facilitator of Group:  Amy

Come join other women in a safe, supportive environment where you can learn (in your time) how to explore, express, & share any of the many issues that women face! Group content is not restricted to specific topics, and is open to what members are dealing with in this moment. Topics that could arise, include (but not limited to): trauma, abuse, grief & loss, relationship problems, addiction, self-esteem, eating disorders, etc. Appropriate goals for members could include working toward: intimacy, connection, building trust, practicing mindfulness, eliciting support, developing interpersonal skills, & overall growth.

All members commit to 10 sessions. Fee is $60 and no insurances accepted. This is a pre-existing group and we are looking for new members to start at the new session in April. The group will run every other Tuesday from 3:45 pm to 5:45 pm. Please contact Amy for more details!  

Amy Lohr

The following is an example of a common lecture/workshop that I have presented in the past and continue to have available to present this workshop or any others related to topics of healing, recovery, mindfulness, meditation, trauma, and others.

"Creating a Vessel for Sacred Pain"

A seminar presented by Amy Lohr, where the concept of Sacred Pain will be defined and explored. A phrase coined by Amy to describe the commonality of the human experience: the culmination of pain and struggles that all of us experience on our life journey. Everyone has automatic impulses to brace against, resist, or tense to pain on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level.  This "tensing to" and "resisting" pain helps us to initially survive; however, over time as you continue to avoid your pain, you struggle to heal and grow. 

It is counter-intuitive to embrace and accept your pain, and Amy proposes that learning how to safely experience your pain is what affords you the deepest growth. Your pain is worthy of being revered, honored, and held with care, compassion, and love. When you learn to honor your Sacred Pain in this way, you afford yourself the gifts of peace, healing, love, compassion, and wisdom. Ultimately, it is through your deepest, darkest, scariest experiences that you have the opportunity to experience the most significant growth. 

Amy will demonstrate creating a vessel for her Sacred Pain – a safe, sacred space where pain can be felt and experienced. Through sharing her story of adversity and resiliency, in passion and strength, you will observe the embodiment of Radical Acceptance with pain (the practice of mindfulness & compassion). A seminar that will empower and inspire you to practice the same skills with your Sacred Pain, and ultimately afford you the chance at deeper growth and healing.

Public Speaking
Amy provides motivational speaking, as well as talks on the impacts of trauma, personal growth, self-compassion, recovery, and recovery tools/techniques.  Amy is open to tailor a talk or workshop to fit the needs of the audience.  Please see "Public Speaking" Tab for more info.

Professional Trainings/Consultation
Amy has experience creating and facilitating trainings for mental health professionals to address clinical needs, as well as providing trainings for staff in any organization around workplace issues or workshops focused on employee wellness, embodying compassion in the workplace or with clients, stress management, and mindfulness/meditation among other topcis. Please contact Amy for additional information about rates.

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