"You are not broken...Your life is not a problem
to be solved but a gift to be opened." 
- Wayne Muller, Legacy of the Heart
My hope is to help you navigate the feelings, struggle or challenges you are currently experiencing to ultimately support your growth, healing, insight, or transformation. 

  • Are you feeling tired, sick, or just "off"?
  • Have you felt lost, damaged, broken, or not like yourself?
  • Are you confused and unsure about your purpose, pathway, or life decisions?
  • Have you struggled to feel present, connected, or a part of your life, work or relationships?
  • Are you tired of suffering and feel like everything you try just doesn't work?
  • Have you been feeling stuck, immobilized, and unmotivated despite a desire to get better?
  • Are your relationships suffering or strained?
If any of these scenarios fit for you and you are ready to be supported and guided in making some changes, I may be a fit for you.

My specialty is in working on persistent blocks that keep you from being at your best and using creative means to get you well!

Amy Lohr
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

Message from Amy

While we all experience times where we feel broken and beaten down by the ways of life, we all also embody great resilience to overcome the struggles of life.  Feeling broken, also doesn't mean that we are broken, defective, or damaged. Everyone has the power and ability to heal within them, I am simply guiding and teaching you how to reconnect to your authentic, natural healing and restorative abilities. I am supporting you in feeling whole again.

As a counselor over the past 10 years, I have assisted people in dealing with a wide range of emotional, interpersonal, and behavioral problems, helping people improve their overall health and well-being.  I have been devoted to exploring spirituality, mind-body connections, and healing as both a professional therapist and in my personal journey of healing and recovery.  On my journey, I have discovered many methods to support my own growth that aren't simply traditional counseling practices and I recently decided to focus my work on uncovering the core limitations and blocks that keep you from being well; helping you manifest your dreams; and living up to your fullest purpose and potential. I believe everyone is worthy of reaching for and experiencing their dreams, feeling fulfilled on all levels. 

I value using various creative healing and integrative modalities to assess where you are blocked mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually; uncovering underlying and persistent issues that have kept you from healing, growing or moving forward in your life. Many clients come to me because they have sought and used various modalities to get better, but nothing has stuck or really got to the root problem. I also certainly welcome newcomers to healing as it would be great if your first experience would help you to alleviate the root conditions!

As you seek various wellness services to help you feel better and to alleviate symptoms (which may include counseling, massage therapy, yoga, exercise, nutritional counseling, among others), sometimes what may be neglected, even unintentionally, are the root issues that are manifesting the symptoms in the first place. My approach is not in simply helping you feel better or treating symptoms – instead, it’s on tuning in to what you are experiencing in your body as a clue to emotional, mental, or spiritual distress and giving you tools to release those hidden and unresolved experiences.  Much of what we experience in our body is not simply a physical problem, it is often a manifestation of many layers of life experiences and our distorted thoughts, beliefs, sense of meaning; dissatisfaction; emotional distress; or trauma. This is the “dis-ease” and discomfort we experience in mind, emotions, and spirit that often manifests as physical “disease”.  It is possible to support the alleviation or reduction of physical symptoms (including pain, panic attacks, cravings, addictions, and compulsions) as you heal emotionally and work on experiencing fulfillment in more areas of your life. Our experience of dissatisfaction in our lives has a significant impact on our overall health.

My specialty and unique approach to sessions is focused on using energy work (reiki) with all other methods to uncover root issues; challenge you in areas where you may be resistant or holding on to negativity or defense mechanisms; release emotional, mental or physical tension; connect you with and strengthening your spiritual resources (whatever those may be personally for you); uncover your purpose and passions in life; and identify actions to take to experience fulfillment. This could involve uncovering unresolved pain, trauma, addictions, grief and loss, or any other number of unresolved issues. Sessions usually provide you with a depth of information and tools that you can use to take action toward alleviating each block that is identified, which leaves you feeling empowered and equipped to handle the problems in your life. 

What makes my sessions different from typical talk therapy is that clients often do not need to verbally process much of what is happening – they just have a physical or emotional release and sometimes give a few words to it.  That is often the kind of release and healing we are looking for in therapy anyhow– so its healthy and powerful when this happens in the more immediacy and clients report feeling lighter, supported, and safe in that experience. My services can be your sole therapy support or as an addition to counseling work you are doing with another therapist where you may feel like you are stuck – I am happy to collaborate with your current therapist on a short-term or long-term! The more support you have to get well, the better!  

Services Offered
  1. Traditional Psychotherapy
  2. Integrative Psychotherapy (Reiki +Complementary Methods + Psychotherapy)
    1. This is my term for the integration of my expertise with various traditional counseling methods as well as complementary methods such as Reiki/Energy Psychology, Spiritual Guidance & Counseling, Meditation Instruction, Aromatherapy, or the use of Expressive Arts (Drumming, Drawing, Movement) to support growth, transformation and healing. 
    2. Couple's & Family Integrative Psychotherapy - Integrating traditional couple's & family counseling techniques with Reiki and energy work - a unique approach to get to root issues impacting relationships, enabling systems to heal and become functional again. 
  3. Reiki Sessions (Energy Work, No Additional Methods, No Therapy)
    • Energy is all around us and in us. Reiki is a traditional Japanese method where I am connecting to pure, vital energy and using this for identifying, assessing, and supporting the removal of blocks to your well-being as well as supporting your experience of balance, grounding, enhanced well-being and relaxation. 
  4. Groups, Classes & Workshops:
  5. Podcast (Guided Meditation + Distance Energy Work) Recordings: Includes discussion on the content, guided meditations and integrating distance energy work. Recordings available for purchase on the process of change and letting go. Click Here to purchase hour long recording ($15.50), "Letting Go & Letting In" - PART ONE.
                                        Tues October 17th 6 pm EST  
        • Registration is $15.50, includes: 
                                            Access to Live Teleconference 
                                               PLUS Link to Downloadable Recording
        • Participate LIVE or Register to Obtain the Recording Post-Session
Reiki Sessions & Integrative Psychotherapy can be provided in conjunction with and in collaboration with other therapy you may already be receiving or plan to obtain elsewhere. These services are also provided to all ages.

Please see my Fee Schedule below for a list of fees for services. 
All services are out of pocket. 
No insurances Accepted.


Initial Appointments & Intake

Basic Intake Assessment 60 min - $120

*Enhanced Intake Assessment 75 min - $145 

*more time at the initial appointment can be beneficial to obtain a deeper process and consultation, if your schedule permits)

Integrative Psychotherapy Sessions

Integrative Psychotherapy - Individual 60 min session - $120

Integrative Family/Couple session - 60 min -$135

Integrative Family/Couple session - 75 min - $170

Traditional Psychotherapy Sessions

Traditional Psychotherapy - 60 min session - $100

Reiki Sessions 

Reiki session only - 60 min - $100

Reiki session only - 45 min - $75

Reiki session only - 30 min- $50

All services are out of pocket. No insurances accepted.

Scheduling & Availability:

Review my current availability and schedule an appointment through MindBody online. 

Amy Lohr, LCSW
Investment Building
239 4th Ave
Suite 1618
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 254-3441